Pathways through landscapes at Munich´s fringes

typ durchmesser klein
Henrik Schultz and Böries von Detten identify types of pathways and generate ideas for a resilient web of paths for both cyclists and walkers in Munich´s green belt. Guided walks are a constituent element of the co-creative process. [++]

Spatial vision Thuringia


The international building exhibition in Thuringia focusses on rural-urban interconnections in the area around the cities of Weimar and Jena. Together with Sabine Rabe and Sigrun Langner, Ursula Stein and Henrik Schultz design a spatial vision – a vivid, meaningful spatial image for the future sustainable development of the region. [++]

Parklandschaft 2.0


Ursula Stein and Henrik Schultz explore the lessons learnt from developing Regionale 2016 landscape projects. Together with regional stakeholders they envision strategies for “Parklandschaft 2.0”. [++]

Perspektivplan Freiburg

The „Perspektivplan“ analyses the situation, visualizes potentials, designs strategies and discusses scenarios. The result, a spatial vision fostering strategic and integrated planning, is about to be finished. Together with cityförster and freiwurf. [++]

Website Perspektivplan Freiburg

Arnsberger´s villages


An integrated concept focuses on the rural parts of the city of Arnsberg. Ursula Stein and Henrik Schultz design the collaborative process of analysing and visioning the future of Arnsberg´s villages. [++]

Designs for Zuhai and Yueyang

Henrik Schultz contributes with his landscape perspective to the urban developments in Zuhai and Yueyang, projects by Cityförster – architecture and urbanism.

Urban Development in Kronberg

Kronberg 2
The Department of Urban Planning and Environment has put up a task force from their own ranks to elaborate basics for urban development. Ursula Stein was commissioned with the process design and facilitates with her team. [++]

Project management in Open-Air Museum

Hessenpark 1

Some years ago, the general conception for the open-air museum “Hessenpark” has been successfully introduced. Time to look into the details, e.g. the ways of collaboration in projects! [++]


Collaboration between major cities and their neighbours has become a must for the development of attractive areas for living, business and culture. The ministry of urban development of the Land of Northrhine-Westphalia has launched a call for good practice and solutions for important challenges. Ursula Stein is appointed member of the jury.

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