Henrik Schultz

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Landscape Architect


The trail leads through a cornfield, passes a residential area and the wind turbine, heading towards the giant floodplain. The air is filled with the scent of the nearby chicken grill. I walk a large scale landscape and draw images, invent strategies and design experiments.

In the last ten years I gained experience with methods of exploring, understanding and designing landscapes. I am striving to find images for large areas and to combine them with small interventions. These strategies are constitutive for the consulting I offer together with Ursula Stein.

In June 2013, I finished my PhD in Engineering. I investigated walking as a creative method of design.

What else? I am a professor at University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück and I am a member of the Studio Urbane Landschaften. I am fellow of Zukunftsbrücke, Chinese German Young Professional Campus, and World Responsible Leader of BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt.


+49(0) 151 12264398