Project Management in an Open-Air Museum

After Ursula Stein had counselled the Hessenpark team in the elaboration process for their general conception in 2010, she was again called to conceptualise and facilitate a series of workshops in collaboration with the top management. The first step was an unusual change of perspective: all staff members spent an afternoon in their own museum in the role of a normal visitor, enjoying guided walks and hands-on workshops with traditional crafts. In the second workshop, they produced and discussed the interim balance of working with the general conception, supported by external comments from colleagues. A very important tool of collaboration was in the focus of the third workshop on “collaborating in projects”. The new project management software designed to efficiently plan, steer, and communicate within the projects and with the management had been installed some months ago, and the project teams evaluated their progress, their relationships to the line organisation and to other teams and their ways of communication.

Hessenpark 2

Hessenpark 1