Urban Development Kronberg

Does Kronberg really need more living space? How can the lush green character of Kronberg be preserved and enhanced? What are the instruments available for politics and planning to support a wide diversity of homes? What will business areas in Kronberg be like in the future? There is a lot of questions to be answered when urban development in Kronberg is concerned. Kronberg is a popular spot amongst well-off house-owners and –buyers, but has preserved its character well and is situated at the fringe of the Taunus hills with a spectacular view on nearby Frankfurt. Thus, building areas are scarce. Ursula Stein designed the public discussion process and facilitates it together with Gabriele Kotzke and Joachim Fahrwald from her network of professional facilitators (www.pool-moderation.de). Groups involved are the city council, a “sounding board” of representatives from many associations and a selection of citizens in a working group on living quarters, business areas and landscape. The general public meets in open forums. In November 2015, first results were discussed and everyone was invited to contribute to the subject of “development in built-up areas” based on guided walks. The next open forum will take place in November 2016.

Kronberg 1

Kronberg 2